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Selected albums recorded with Raphael Pannier on drums


COVER Letter to a Friend HD.jpeg

New! Letter to a Friend : Raphael Pannier Quartet & Acid Pauli 

Raphaël Pannier (Drums & Compositions) 

Acid Pauli (Electronics) 

Miguel Zenón (Saxophone) 

Giorgi Mikadze (Piano) 

François Moutin (Bass) 

Feat. Harold Green III (Vocals) 

Released on French Paradox

Remy Labbé : Careless Territories

Remy Labbé (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, compositions)

Phil Abraham (Trombone)
Amaury Faye (Piano)
Alex Gilson (Upright Bass)
Raphaël Pannier (Drums)

Released on Challenge Records International

Pierre Marcus : Second Life

Pierre Marcus (Bass, Compositions) 

Baptiste Herbin (Saxophones)

Simon Chivallon (Piano) 

Thomas Delor (Drums)

Guests: Melina Tobiana (Vocals), Raphaël Pannier (Drums) 

Released on Jazz Family


Benjamin Petit : Dear John

Benjamin Petit (Saxophones, Compositions) 

Julia Perminova (Piano)

Jeremy Bruyere (Bass) 

Raphaël Pannier (Drums) 

Guest: Camille Bertault (Vocals)

Released on Art District Radio

Manel Fortià: Despertar

Manel Fortià (Bass, Compositions) 

Marco Mezquida (Piano)

Raphaël Pannier (Drums) 

Released on Segell Microscopi


Manel Fortià : Libérica: Arrels (feat. Antonio Lizana)

Manel Fortià (Bass, Compositions) 

Antonio Lizana (Saxophone and Vocals)

Pere Martinez (Vocals) 

Max Villavechia (Piano) 

Raphaël Pannier (Drums)

Released on Segell Microscopi

Berta Moreno: Tumaini

Berta Moreno (Tenor Sax, Compositions)
Alana Sinkëy (Vocals)
Manuel Valera (Piano/keyboards)
Maksim Perepelica (Bass)
Raphaël Pannier- Drums
Franco Pinna- Percusiion/ Arpa Legüera

Released on BMJazz (BMI)



Raphaël Pannier: Faune

Raphael Pannier (Drums and Compositions)

Miguel Zenón (Saxophone)

Aaron Goldberg (Piano) 

Giorgi Mikadze (Classical Piano) 

François Moutin (Upright Bass) 

Released on French Paradox

Shaul Eshet: Love and Fear

Shaul Eshet (Piano and Compositions) 

Leo Sherman (Upright Bass) 

Raphael Pannnier (Drums) 

Released on Nana Music


Louis de Mieulle SideShow

Louis de Mieulle (Bass and Compositions) 

Casimir Liberski (Keyboards)
Eitan Kenner (Keyboards)
Doron Lev (Drums) (1-4, 6)
Raphaël Pannier (Drums)

Xander Naylor: Pursuit

Xander Naylor (Guitar, Synthesizer, Compositionns)
Elijah Shiffer (Alto Sax)
Nicholas Jozwiak (Bass)
Raphael Pannier (Drums)
Angelica Bess (Vocals)
Sarah Pedinotti (Vocals)


Lefkowitz-Brown/Marjamaa/Tiberio/Pannier: These Times

Chad Lefkowitz Brown (Sax and Compositions) 

Holger Marjamaa (Piano and Compositions) 

Ben Tiberio (Upright Bass and Compositions)

Raphael Pannier (Drums and Compositions) 

Marques/Fortià/Pannier: Bulería Brooklyniana

Albert Marques (Piano and Compositions) 

Manel Fortià (Upright Bass and Compositions)

Raphael Pannier (Drums) 

Released on Segell Microscopi


Diz/de Mieulle/Pannier: Earprints

Renato Diz (Synthesizers and Compositions) 

Louis de Mieulle (Upright Bass and Compositions)

Raphael Pannier (Drums) 

Released on WJ Productions


guillaume martineau par 5 chemins.jpg

Guillaume Martineau : Par 5 Chemins

Guillaume Martineau (piano, compositions)

Tevet Sela (saxophones)

François Jalbert (guitar)

Simon Pagé (bass)

Raphaël Pannier (drums)

Released on: The 270 Session

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